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Specialized Lab Testing

Although our highly-skilled physicians can learn a lot about your health from your medical history, family history, and physical exam, there are many health conditions that require a blood test for diagnosis.

Blood tests also allow your medical team to ensure that you’re in the best possible health, and can reveal any potential problems early. That means you have the opportunity to address any health risks, preventing future health problems and increasing your longevity. Prevention is the best medicine.

Partnered With
Mayo Clinic Laboratory Group

FEMME has partnered with the Mayo Clinic Laboratory Group, one of the top medical facilities in the country, for our lab testing. That means that as a FEMME member, you’ll have access to the latest in medical testing. Some of these tests aren’t standard in medical offices yet, but FEMME is years ahead of the game.

  • For example, we offer the PLACA test, which detects an enzyme that’s involved in heart disease.
  • Many medical offices still just measure cholesterol to determine your heart disease risk, but studies have indicated that the PLACA test is a better indicator of your risk.
  • We’re committed to using the best and most effective testing to help you avoid heart disease, one of the leading killers of Canadians.
Nearly all women will be exposed to the virus known as HPV at some point during their lifetimes. While it’s often harmless, certain types of the virus cause cervical cancer. Through the Mayo Clinic, we can perform genetic testing to detect these particular types of virus allowing for closer screening and early treatment, so cervical cancer doesn’t cause major health problems.

Advanced Testing Methods

These are just a few examples of the advanced testing methods we use. Hormones, vitamin levels, blood cell counts; everything has to be in balance for you to feel your best.

At FEMME, we’ll make sure you get every test you need. We never skimp on care, saying that a test is too expensive, as the public health system is sometimes forced to do. And because we’ve partnered with one of the best laboratories in the country, you know you can rely on your results.

Your FEMME medical staff will spend time with you discussing which tests would be helpful in your case and why, and then going over the results with you in as much detail as you’d like. You’ll never be left mystified by a single sheet filled with numbers and acronyms. At FEMME, we treat you as a woman, not a series of numbers, and we want you to feel empowered and in control of your health.

Scientific advancement continues to provide many tools for the creation of optimal health. At FEMME, we believe in taking advantage of all of them. Take a proactive approach to your health, emphasizing prevention of diseases. Our laboratory is here to help you.

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