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Sexuality is an important part of life. Unfortunately, many people feel embarrassed to talk about their sexual lives with their doctors. There are medical solutions to many sexual problems, so it’s tragic that many people feel they can’t bring this subject up.

Part of the problem is that, in the public system, doctors are so rushed that there’s not always time to talk about sexual issues. At FEMME, this never happens. Your doctor will always have plenty of time with you. Our hand-selected medical staff are extremely warm and accessible, and will help you feel at ease discussing anything at all.

Sexual Wellness Issues

The most common issues that interfere with sexual wellness in women are different in different age groups. For older women, vaginal dryness is often a major problem. When hormone levels drop with menopause, the vagina often becomes dry, and sexual activity can be uncomfortable or even painful.

There are several ways to help with this, and estrogen creams and vaginal suppositories are very commonly used by women after menopause. For younger women, sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs) are often the biggest concern. Nearly every person who’s sexually active (even with just one partner at a time) will be exposed to at least one STI during their lifetimes. Fortunately, many STIs are easily treatable with medication. FEMME provides standard screening for all sexually active women, just to make sure you haven’t gotten an infection that you don’t know about. The screening, as well as any necessary treatment, will be handled with the utmost discretion. This is your private life, and we’ll ensure that it stays that way. We hope that knowing this encourages you to bring up any symptoms you may be having.

Get your “Mojo” Back!

Women of any age may find themselves with a low sex drive, often due to depression, anxiety, or stress. This is only a problem if it bothers you; please don’t seek treatment only to please a partner who wishes you wanted more sex! But if you find that your “mojo” has vanished and you want it back, our mental health team has lots of experience in working with problems like this. Various forms of mental health treatment, sometimes including medications, can help you get back to feeling energetic and frisky again.

Although it can feel uncomfortable or embarrassing to talk about sex, issues with sexual wellness are actually very common. Whatever the problem you’re having, chances are that many other women have also had the same issue, so you’re definitely not alone. Your medical provider wants to help you live your best life, and sexual wellness is an important part of that. Our FEMME experts are here to help you with anything that gets in the way of your optimal wellness.

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