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Non-surgical Vaginal Tightening

Many cosmetic treatments are focused on the face and other visible parts of the body. However, the health of the vagina is crucial in a woman’s life. Childbirth and aging can cause the vagina to sag. This can make sex less pleasurable for both the woman and her partner, sometimes leading to relationship problems.

It can also lead to problems with urinary incontinence. That means that a woman might involuntarily lose a bit of urine in certain situations, such as when she coughs, laughs, or exercises vigorously.

No Need to be Embarrassed

Even if you’re not talking about this with your female friends, we guarantee you that many of them have experienced these issues. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about; in fact, it’s very common. It’s also not something that you have to continue to live with. Our FEMME members have access to laser treatments that can help to tighten the vagina without surgery, called IntimaLase® and IncontiLase®. IntimaLase® is indicated for women with vaginal laxity (sagging) that’s affecting their sex lives, while IncontiLase® is indicated for women with urinary incontinence. The treatments are nearly identical.

This treatment is noninvasive and painless, and is performed by your own FEMME physician for your maximal comfort and safety. The small laser device is designed to be inserted into the vagina. Once it’s placed there, it directs laser energy at the vaginal walls. This stimulates the production of collagen, which causes the vagina to become tighter and firmer. Two treatments are needed, spaced apart from each other, to get the full treatment effect.

Vaginal Laser Treatments

This procedure has a very high rate of satisfaction. After IntimaLase, 95% of women reported a moderate or better improvement in their vaginal tightness. After IncontiLase, 94% of women reported improvement in their urinary incontinence symptoms. Given that traditional surgical treatments for these issues are invasive, have a high rate of complications, and have a low rate of patient satisfaction, these numbers are impressive.

If you have a sagging vaginal wall that’s affecting your sex life or causing you to lose urine, it’s time to take care of the problem. Your FEMME physician has a noninvasive solution that could change your life.

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