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Mind Health (mental health)

At FEMME, we understand that true health is not just about the body; it’s also about the mind. You want to feel happy and fulfilled, as well as strong, vibrant, and beautiful.

With all of the stresses of modern life, it’s no wonder that conditions like anxiety and depression are more common than ever before. Women are significantly more likely to suffer from these conditions than men are. As a women’s healthcare facility, we see mental health as a crucial part of our mission. Unfortunately, the health of the body is often the only focus of medical care, with the health of the mind being ignored by many medical offices. The overburdened health system just doesn’t have the time to pay attention to your mental well-being.

Mental Health Specialists

Because we’re committed to your total wellness, FEMME includes specialists in the health of the mind as part of our medical team. We see this as a crucial part of your healthcare, as important as any other.

The list of benefits you can receive from our mental health team is long.

  • Some women want to learn stress-reduction techniques that they can use in their daily lives to help them feel calm and in control.
  • Some want tools to improve their focus and mental performance, so they can be more effective at work or school.
  • Some women need help learning to cope with a death in the family, a divorce, or another major life situation.
  • Others may need someone to help with anxiety or depression that’s sapping their energy and zest for life.

Hand Selected Medical Team

Whatever your needs might be, our hand-selected mental health professionals can help you. Optimal clarity, calmness, and focus, along with radiant happiness, can be yours. Whether you’re suffering and need help, or you feel all right but want to feel and perform even better, our mental health team is here for you.

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FEMME Medical Concierge is Western Canada’s first health centre of its kind designed exclusively for women by women.


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