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Becoming a FEMME member is one of the best decisions you can make for your health. There are too many benefits to list them all here, but a few of the best include:

  • Health team of top physicians (including specialists)
  • Mayo Clinic health screening and affiliated laboratory facilities access to nutritionists, physical therapists, and other health professionals
  • The latest technology to improve both your health and your appearance
There’s just no comparing FEMME to any other medical facility. In fact, FEMME is the first concierge medical practice in Western Canada dedicated to women’s health. Studies have shown that patients in a private concierge medical practice experience dramatically better outcomes than those in the public system, so becoming a FEMME member is truly an investment in your health.

Discover FEMME

Come and discover FEMME with this introductory program which offers an Executive Medical to provide an overall snapshot of a woman’s current health. This medical includes the latest health screening protocols from world-class laboratories such as the Mayo Clinic. Two visits to FEMME are included to spend time with our medical and esthetic professionals.

To learn more about becoming a FEMME member, please refer to our official FEMME Private Members' Information Package


We offer a limited number of memberships in FEMME to ensure our providers have plenty of time and energy to spend with each member. If you’d like to take advantage of the opportunity to be a part of FEMME, act quickly, before all of our memberships are taken.

For those women who truly care for their personal wellness, desire the best in preventive healthcare, and have lower concerns about histories with chronic disease or cancer, we offer FEMME 365. This program includes specialized services such as advanced screenings to provide information about personal health, as well as full access to our facility year-round. Several “a la carte” options are available to our member to select tests and procedures which are most beneficial to her, based on her discussions with our medical team, or which may be of the most interest.

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FEMME Supreme

For those with higher health needs, we offer the enhanced annual membership via our Supreme Package. Women choosing this package may have higher health screening needs (for example, a strong family history of cancer), need hormonal support, or have higher health screening preferences.

Be treated as our VIP with this exceptional preventive care program. FEMME Supreme is designed for women who want to cover all their bases, have a personal or family history of chronic disease or cancer; require hormone balancing support; or have a health condition that needs more attentive care. This full-feature bundle includes customized health screening, preventive healthcare, genomic and hormonal assessment, and beauty gifts valued at over $2,000.

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Forward-thinking companies are seeking ways to retain, attract and reward key executives and high performers. Our corporate memberships feature customized executive healthcare plans that can be tailored to your company’s unique needs and budget. Investment in employee wellness results in an incredible return on investment

To learn more about Corporate memberships please contact us

Female Executive Medicine and Medical Esthetics

FEMME Medical Concierge is Western Canada’s first health centre of its kind designed exclusively for women by women.


FEMME Medical Concierge

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