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As a modern woman, you live a complex life, juggling many demands. Your health needs are complex, too. You need the energy and vitality to manage those many aspects of your modern life – and you want to do it while looking great, too. You also want to live a long life, to enjoy many years with your loved ones.

Optimal health requires the balancing of so many factors. That’s why, at FEMME, we treat healthcare as a team effort. You’ll have access, not just to one doctor, but to a whole team of medical professionals, all working together to ensure that your healthcare meets all of your needs. Our hand-selected staff members are among the best in their fields, ensuring that you receive the best healthcare possible.

Your First Appointment

At your first FEMME appointment, you’ll have a comprehensive medical assessment by your team. This is no assembly line, where you’re shuttled from sterile room to sterile room in a paper gown, while no one tells you what’s going on. At FEMME, your medical assessment will feel more like a spa day than like the medical appointments you may be used to.

  • You’ll start with a comprehensive health and family history. This will help your team to understand your current needs and challenges, and to know what risks to watch out for.
  • Next, you’ll have a complete physical exam. Your team will look for any hidden health problems.
  • You’ll also get blood work, which allows your medical team to assess many aspects of your health. Our laboratory is affiliated with the Mayo Clinic, so you know you can trust the results.

FEMME Member & Olympic
Gold Medalist Jamie Salé

Limited Number of Members

Because we limit the number of members, we ensure that every member of our healthcare team has plenty of time to spend on your care. You’ll never be left wondering what your medical assessment is revealing about your health.

Your physician will have plenty of time to spend talking with you about the entire process. A smaller care roster also means that a physician is less likely to miss things. Studies have shown that concierge medical practices like FEMME produce dramatically better results than the public health system, because physicians can spend the necessary time and things don’t fall through the cracks.

Olympic Gold Medalist Jamie Salé is a FEMME member. She’s always taken care of her body, and she understands the value of our team approach to healthcare. We believe that every woman deserves this approach. Women who value their health understand that it truly takes a team to provide the best healthcare. Spas have long known that well-being is enhanced by a beautiful space with personable staff and plenty of luxurious touches. With FEMME, medicine is catching up.

Female Executive Medicine and Medical Esthetics

FEMME Medical Concierge is Western Canada’s first health centre of its kind designed exclusively for women by women.


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