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FEMME Cares (Community Investment)

FEMME is an exclusive concierge medical practice, designed to serve the needs of our members at the highest levels of service. Although we can only take on a limited number of members, allowing us to care for every one of them the way we want to, that doesn’t mean that we’re separate from the needs of the wider community. FEMME is actively involved in our community through the FEMME Cares program.

FEMME is passionate about the health of our members as well as women in the community at large. Women are key pillars in the realms of family, business and community. The work that we do to positively impact women’s health and wellness will also impact these realms. Since our doors opened, we have provided community investment initiatives through various events:

FEMME Cares has led to our partnership in a variety of events, connected to women’s health in different ways. Here are a few of them. You’ll notice that we’re involved in many events, and that they’re diverse, but all related to women’s health. That’s because our vision of health is broad and inclusive.

We were a major sponsor of the Global News Women of Vision Celebration Event. This event celebrated inspirational women who’ve succeeded in diverse fields such as business, athletics, and politics, to speak about their experiences and inspire other women to reach for their dreams. We believe in every woman living her best life and developing her talents to the fullest, so we’re excited about this event and its potential to help the women of Edmonton.

“Bust a Move” Event

We were also a major sponsor of the Alberta Cancer Foundation’s Bust a Move event in March. This was a six-hour fitness event, which served as a fundraiser for breast cancer research. We saw this as having a dual purpose; it raised money for important cancer research that could save many lives, and it also inspired people to exercise, which is one of the most important ways to stay healthy. That’s why we chose to sponsor this event (and it was also fun!).

FEMME sponsored the Breast Learning Area. Our team of clinicians showed women how to do breast self-exams on site and then joined in on hours of fun and fitness.

Global Womain of Vision 2016

Global Woman of Vision 2016

As a STAR Sponsor, we provided a scholarship to University of Alberta medical student, Allan Chomyn. We also gifted each Global Woman of Vision with her own FEMME Discover program. Our goal is to support the wellbeing of each award winner so they can continue their amazing work in the community.

CASA Carnival 2016

Casa Carnival 2016

We were the proud Décor Sponsor of this incredible event supporting mental wellness. We also support other various ongoing CASA initiatives.

This spring, we were major sponsors of the CASA Carnival. CASA is an organization that provides community-based mental health services to children, adolescents, and families in need in the Edmonton area. As the Décor Sponsor, we helped to make this event successful so that treatment can be provided to more youth and families.

Pursenal Mission

Pursenal Mission

An incredible silent auction event where proceeds from bidding wars over 200 handbags were given to STARS in support of their air ambulance. This fun event attracted women from all walks of life.


We host complimentary women’s health education sessions in a fun, relaxing atmosphere. Topics include breast health, genetic tests, prevention and more. A perfect evening for you and your friends.

Female Executive Medicine and Medical Esthetics

FEMME Medical Concierge is Western Canada’s first health centre of its kind designed exclusively for women by women.


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