Our members are raving fans, and they’re eager to share their experiences with others. See for yourself what our members are saying about the revolutionary new approach to health and beauty care at FEMME.

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Medical Concierge

Ambassadors Profile & Team

The word is getting out about FEMME, and many successful and high-profile women are joining our unique concierge practice just for women. Several female leaders, champions, and role models are now members of FEMME. As passionate advocates of our personalized, luxurious approach to medical care, they also act as ambassadors, helping to spread the message about FEMME’s pioneering approach to women all around the Edmonton area.

“I was always a healthy person. Having said that, Kevin and I both looked upon this [FEMME] as an opportunity for me to finally have someone that would take care of me, 24/7 if I needed it. I’ve never had that. Kevin’s always had doctors with hockey, so if he got hurt or was sick or if anything happened, there were always doctors with the Oilers. So this is something for me.”

Karen Percy LoweOlympic Champion

Female Executive Medicine and Medical Esthetics

FEMME Medical Concierge is Western Canada’s first health centre of its kind designed exclusively for women by women.


FEMME Medical Concierge

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