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Acne Treatment

One of the most common concerns for women is acne. Most people tend to think of acne as a young person’s concern, and it’s true that young women commonly get acne, especially during the teen and early adult years. However, older women may also find themselves with acne, because of the effects of hormone shifts from aging on the skin. That makes acne a problem that affects women of all age groups.

Each spot of acne is actually a bacterial infection. When one of your pores gets clogged (by oil, makeup, or anything else), bacteria may become trapped underneath, inside of the pore. They start to grow there and cause irritation, which creates the red bump that you hate to see in the mirror. Acne treatments can be targeted at unclogging the pores and getting rid of the bacteria.

Laser Acne Treatment

Acne is one of the most bothersome skin problems for women. It can be hard to cover up with makeup, and the makeup itself may clog your pores and make your skin even worse. Women with acne are usually very interested in finding a solution that will actually work. Fortunately, the experts at FEMME can offer our members several different effective treatments.

One great option is a laser acne treatment. This technologically-advanced therapy can work wonders against acne. The laser is precisely targeted to kill the bacteria that cause the infection, without damaging your own skin. Many women love laser acne treatment, because it’s painless and there’s no downtime associated with the treatment. Because it doesn’t cause significant skin irritation, you’ll be able to apply makeup right away. Usually, sessions are needed weekly for 4-6 weeks to get control of the acne.

Skin Peels

Another option for women with acne is a skin peel. While many women think of skin peels as a solution for the signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage, certain types of skin peels can also do a great job at reducing acne by removing bacteria and debris that clog pores. This will also rejuvenate your complexion, leaving you glowing. You can read more about skin peels on our page.

There are also face washes, toners, and other topical treatments that can help to treat acne. You can talk with our expert esthetic staff about your facial skin care routine, to determine whether you might want to change products or add an extra step or two to help get your acne under control. If acne is bothering you, you don’t just have to keep trying to cover it up with makeup. The caring experts at FEMME can help you get rid of acne to reveal your own beautiful skin.

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